Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Egypt tour- an opportunity to feel awed by ancient wonders

A land of ancient civilization, Egypt has always had a magnetic attraction for travellers since the time of Alexander the Great. Today, the country is a study in contrasts with chaotic cities vying with deserts carrying secrets of centuries deep within themselves. There are many places to see in Egypt but it would be fair to say that most visitors look no further than the Pyramids and the Sphinx on their Egypt tour. But, Egypt has a few surprises up its sleeves, not the least being the lovely Red Sea where you can either relax on the beach or enjoy scuba diving. Desert safaris too are very popular and it is a sight to behold when the sun sets and twilight falls upon the sands.
Getting to Egypt is not difficult as international flights abound and there also charter flights available to Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. If coming from the Middle East, you can even opt for land crossings and ferries from Europe and the Middle East can bring you to Egypt as well. For a first time visit it is not a bad idea to opt for escorted tours of Egypt as Cairo can be pretty chaotic and it makes life easier if certain things are taken care of by professionals. Although accommodation is plentiful ranging from luxury to mid-range and budget to mere camps and youth hostels, it is still advisable to book early in the peak season. Searching on the net may throw up some good bargains for your Egypt travel.
Flights are expensive within Egypt and trains are the best alternative. Intercity buses are quite comprehensive but can get terribly crowded and it is better to opt for deluxe coaches if going on long journeys. Cruising down the Nile should definitely be a part of your holiday. On your Egypt tourism, do not forget to try out local delicacies like ‘chawarma’, ‘kofta’ and ‘ta’amiya’. Wash it down with plenty of ‘karkaday’ which is a concoction of sweet hibiscus tea and special to Egypt.

The oriental bazaar in Cairo called the ‘Khan-el-Khalili’ is teeming with people, shops and wares. Pick up lovely carpets, exotic spices, gold or silver and the local artefacts and reproductions but not without a bit of haggling which is a part of the whole experience of your Egypt tour. For a dose of local culture head straight to the Madrasa of Al Ghouri in the Islamic section of Cairo to watch ‘sufi’ dancing or have your fill of belly dancing and other modern entertainment options in cosmopolitan Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor.
Egyptian holidays are like no other and you will come away awed by the ancient wonders and the modern marvels of this fascinating country. 


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